The Tea

"Spill the Tea" is often used as a phrase to share gossip or secrets. In today's society, mothers and daughters are sharing the same space, but not spilling the tea. Questions go unanswered and topics remain taboo.

Let's Spill the Tea aims to help break the silence and open the lines of communication on tough subjects.


A mother’s love is an infinite expression. She gives without wanting anything in return. Just as she wasn’t told everything by her mom, she sometimes holds back from her own daughter – not realizing she could be hurting her in the process.

Let's Spill the Tea will help you become transparent and share life’s lessons.


Oftentimes daughters think, "what can our mother tell us? She doesn’t understand." But she does. She’s been there and most of all has experienced things you’re curious about today.

Let's Spill the Tea will allow you to open your heart, listen closely and let mom tell you about life.